High Performance

Food Services
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize provides a full range of plant maintenance services to the various food industries.
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Bio Security
Your hygienic systems

As a natural progression of our service offering, Ecowize also assists our clients with developing viable "farm to fork" strategies.
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Medical Services
Your hygienic systems

In conjunction with Ecowize's Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) services - specialising in the healthcare industry - we have designed specific high-impact cleaning interventions for this sector.
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Your hygienic systems

Due to contamination, security, filtration and temperature requirements, clean room facilities require special attention that can't be completed by a basic contract cleaner.
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Route Based
Support Services

Periodic and Once Off
Cleaning Team

Ecowize also offers its clients tailored once-off high compliance cleaning solutions through its unique Periodic and Once Off Cleaning Team service offering.
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Ground Maintanance
Your hygienic systems

To hinder the introduction of disease agents and contaminants into poultry sheds and enclosures and reduce the attraction of rodents and birds to production areas
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Pest Control
Your hygienic systems

Part of the Ecowize Group, Ecowize Pest Prevention and Hygiene Services is a well-established environmentally responsible Pest Control and Hygiene company.
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Washroom Hygiene
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize provides best in class washroom and hygiene services to our clients, maintaining clean and hygienic washrooms to ensure the safety of staff and end-customers.
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& Advisory

Hygiene & Sanitation
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize provides consulting services at the outsetof a new customer's activities, or at a critical point where it is advisable to check the effectiveness of existing in-house cleaning, or external contract cleaning suppliers.
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Information Management
Your hygienic systems

Following extensive practice and research, Ecowize has implemented a world class web-based software solution designed to manage auditable documents and electronic record keeping in highly regulated environments.
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Infection Control
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize's Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) service offering was formed to supply a dedicated and unique resource of information, products and services to the IPC sector of Australia's healthcare sector.
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Chemical Management
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize works in strategic partnerships with leading chemical suppliers to the food industry in order to implement and trial the latest hygiene and sanitation trends and technologies from around the world.
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Hazardous Substance
Your hygienic systems

Ecowize Personnel Are Highly Qualified And Experienced In Hazardous Substances Management.
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Waste & Recycling
Your hygienic systems

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Ecowize offers the labour and expertise to sort and manage waste at source.
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Water Management
Your hygienic systems

Through our Cost Optimisation Programme we are committed to sustainability and operational savings. As users of water in our cleaning process, Ecowize has introduced Waterwize© a sustainability programme which manages effective water usage.
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Ecowize is committed to performance excellence which is reflective in our customer retention rates. These rates have been achieved by creating strategic partnerships with our clients, focusing on improving the way we do business, operating with transparency in everything we do and by listening to and acting on customer feedback.

The Recognised Market Leader

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large operations.

We Generate
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Improvement Programme.

We eliminate
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We are experts
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With 'complex site'

We listen to
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And respond timeously
to feedback.


"To keep in step with Australia' stringent quality and Environmental Protection regimes, Fletcher International's decision to tender our cleaning program has proved to be effective and successful. Ecowize won the tender contract for our Dubbo plant with a competitive offer, dependable reputation, and a willingness to continually develop and improve the cleaning programs utilised at our abattoirs. In the present industry climate, close and proactive business relationships are critical. Fletcher International Exports considers Ecowize a valued partner, working with us to maintain our position as market leaders within the industry."

Fletcher International

"I would like to show my appreciation by thanking you all for the "0" point scored on the hygiene audit on the 7th September. It is an achievement that is hard to get and it hasn't been done in the passed history that I can recall under the strictest of audit scrutiny."

"So once again well done, and keep up the great team work to achieve this milestone."

Heinz Watties
Wether you require a totally integrated solution or one specific intervention, Ecowize offers you COMPLIANCE & PEACE OF MIND THROUGH A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT